Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oh Rome: The Pantheon

Rome, for some travelers it's just a typical tourist destination that everyone goes to, yada yada yada. I do not care what others say or how cliche it might be, I love Rome. The history, the tucked away masterpieces, the ruins, the new right up next to the old. That might be my favorite part, how the old historic elements of the city are nestled right in with the modern buildings. It is amazing how the city has grown over thousands of years and preserved its history. Every site I went to I stood in pure amazement. On the first day we made our way through the twist of small streets that lead to the Pantheon. Although everyone knows where the historic sites are, each one that you finally find feels like an exhilarating discovery. Your anticipation grows and grows until you turn that last street corner and are facing something so old like the Pantheon. Everything is silent, the light streams in, you spin around looking at each wall, the smell is a mix of crisp summer air and the ages of history, it's an "Oh Rome" moment.

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