Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Like a Fairytale: Lucerne, Switzerland

Just a hop and a skip away from charming city to charming city I went...this time heading down thru Germany to Switzerland. Nestled in the Swiss Alps is Lake Lucerne and the city. Lucerne is one of the most charming places I have ever been. Have you ever read a fairytale? Then this is the place they were talking about. The water is crystal clear, an old castle sits high over looking the village, bridges span the river with baskets of flowers in full bloom, the sun shines, the air is pure, the place is perfect. Well, at least the first day I was there it was...low and behold it does rain in Lucerne! Within twenty four hours my picturesque idea of the city was shattered. Trying to get in a Swiss hike, we attempted to climb close by Mt. Pilatus in the rain. When I say rain, I mean downpours...I mean soak-you-to-the-core, leave-you-shivering-and-miserable rain. On any other day I am sure the hike would have been spectacular, even breathtaking, but instead I look back and laugh at how silly we were to attempt to hike in such weather. I also reflect back and remember how beautiful the city was just the day before and realize I have all the more reason to get back and try again because after all fairytales always have a happy ending.

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  1. Funny how it looks like something out of movie...gorgeous nonetheless!