Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Home for the Holidays: Baking Spritz Cookies

I have decided to start a little series of posts about being home for the holidays. Today I start with a family tradition, making Swedish Spritz cookies. I grew up with a Swedish grandfather and a family that was proud to keep our Swedish traditions alive. The making of spritz cookies is something my great grandmother made every Christmas and it is with pleasure that I continue the tradition. These cookies are simple, buttery and go so quickly, I usually have to make another batch right before the big day. With so many cookies being made during the holidays, does your family have a traditional go-to-cookie?



  1. Spritz cookies are a must-make in my house during the holidays!! But my little spritz machine isn't working too well :-( I need a new one!!

  2. I can attest that the cookies are as delicious as they look!