Saturday, December 11, 2010

Guest Blogger: C'est Christine sends a Postcard from Prague

Hello, please welcome my first guest blogger! Christine is a writer, traveler and francophile who shares on her blog, her love of travel, France and great insights into why we should never just settle down when there is so much to see out there in the world. Check her out on C'est Christine, and follow her as she starts her newest venture heading to the great outback of Australia, but first, she shares her visit to Prague, a place I've never been, but would love to go. Thank you Christine

My first visit to Prague came on a whirlwind backpacking trip around Europe the summer after I graduated from college. Wedged between Berlin and Vienna, I only had a couple of days to explore the capital of the Czech Republic. Even though the first day was spoiled by rain and a pickpocket paranoia, Prague immediately had my heart when I spotted the mini Eiffel Tower-like structure high on a hill overlooking the city. Although that was only thing to satisfy my Francophilia, Prague still won my heart with its very historic city center--it was one of the only European capitals to escape WWII with very minimal damage.


The Eiffel Tower lookalike. Even though it's quite a hike, you can't get a better view of the city.


A view of the sprawling rose garden and city of Prague from the delightful Eiffel Tower lookalike.


An amazing graffiti wall that's tucked away from the city center.


While I've since spotted them in other cities, this was the first time I saw locks on a bridge to symbolize a commitment to a relationship--and it locked up my heart, right then and there.


How would you like to have this hanging outside your bedroom window? It's by provocative Czech artist David Cerny, whose controversial art is found throughout the city.


The Jewish quarter in Prague is extremely informative and interesting. I was speechless in this cemetery-- since the city refused them any more space, Czech Jews had to continue to bury on top of each other.

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring me, Somer! Hope you can make it to Prague one day--it's beautiful!