Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Moosehead Lake

Backwoods in Black and White

The quintessential family summer vacation checklist consists of a long arduous, complaint ridden drive that makes everyone just a little bit edgy. Somehow by the time the destination is within sight, all those painful hours of uncomfortably sifting in your seat drift away. In this case, those hours were whisked away when the sun started beating down, the water crashed against the side of the boat and finally when the smooth rocks met the soles of my feet and the lake water laped at the shore. 
We had reached Moosehead Lake in northern Maine, where a pebbled beach hugs the curve of a cove and a small trail leads to a little cabin.
All gathered for a family celebration, we quickly forgot all the hustle and all the bustle of our lives and were able to enjoy all the elements that make a perfect camp weekend. Swimming in pristine water, check; campfire cooking, check; sweet s'mores, check; canoes and boats rides, check and check.

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