Thursday, September 16, 2010




The quaintness of old European cities will never loose their charm with me. Strolling over the bridge and into Christianshavn in Copenhagen, the colors of the city are reflected in the row houses and boats, mixing with the waters of the canals and the fresh flowers being sold street-side. 

Here the shops are locally owned from little boutiques selling flowers and clothes to jewelry makers, each opens their door to all who bicycle past. Located in the heart of all this charm is an unusual and probably not all that common of a destination, Vor Frelser Kirke. 

Seen from all angles of the city is the churches spiral spire. With one chance glance, I noticed people high above walking along the golden curves. Curiosity quickly took us to the church where sure enough, you can climb the dark rickety passage-way of stairs to a platform that offers a sweeping view of the city. Just one small treasure of many that you will find in this delightful section of Copenhagen.

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