Friday, November 12, 2010

Virtual Visits: It's Back and all about Bikes!

Virtual Visits

because Amsterdam is full of them and I sometimes still shoot film

+ Choose from one of their designs, or create your own, the quintessential messenger bag

+ Rob will woodgrain your frame

+ Electra has an Amsterdam collection, my fave the "Tree of Life"

+ In France it's a bicyclette, in Italy a bicicletta, how cute

+ Lastly, because things can never by organized too neatly

Enjoy your weekend, I will be out apartment hunting!


  1. Hi Somer. Just happened on your site. Love the pics and the stories. I'll be back. I've followed you.

    Happy trails!

    I live to travel and write about it too and have several blogs..:)

  2. Thank you, I love this! I have never been to Amsterdam but I have always wanted to your blog by the way!