Wednesday, October 20, 2010

For a few years it seemed my whole family was living on the west coast with me on the east, which gave me plenty of reason to visit. After a few cross country flights, the city soon became somewhat familiar, but there is this one particular trip that stands out in my mind as being the most enjoyable.

One summer, a friend and I had the crazy idea to move into a one bedroom apartment and share it with three of my family members for the summer, we'd get jobs, have an amazing summer three thousand miles away from home and actually get to live in San Fran for three months. So we packed out bags, headed west and with high fives and smiles our great plan was in action. We soon realized after job hunting with no leads, living on top of one another, this plan wasn't so great. So what do you do when plan A doesn't work, turn to plan B. Our plan B, ditch the idea of living here and spend the next few weeks exploring the city, head home where we had jobs waiting and chalk it all up to what would become just one of many travels together.

Our decision turned out to be the best! We did everything, hiked Angel Island, toured Alcatraz, climbed the cities classic hills, traversed (not without my shaking legs) the Golden Gate bridge, and genuinely enjoyed not only the touristy activities, but the comfort and knowledge of my San Fran resident siblings. So here's to plans that don't work out, because sometimes the unexpected is the most memorable. 

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