Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Djurgarden, Sweden

Rosendals Garden

We all travel to see the famous sites and well I do enjoy them and in some cases become fascinated with them, what really resonates with me after visiting a place are those hidden gems that are found unexpectedly. Like finding lost treasure, that twenty dollars in your pocket, or a lucky penny, not only do these surprise you, but they delight you as well. This past summer I had the pleasure of traveling to Stockholm and was delighted to discover, Rosendals Garden.

Sitting right on the water, Stockholm is made up of fourteen different islands. Each island has developed its own unique character. One such island is Djurgarden. Once the royal hunting grounds it is now commonly visited for its plethora of historic museums, but it was its idyllic remote side where I found one of my favorite places in all of Stockholm.

Easily navigable by foot, Djurgarden becomes woody and peaceful beyond the initial hustle and bustle of the more touristy section. Winding through gravel covered roads you will find restaurants tucked away. A secluded and local favorite is Rosendals Garden Here open greenhouses sit amongst fields filled with rows of produce, lavender and roses. Each greenhouse serves its own purpose, one as a plant shop, another a café and lastly a bakery. The food at Rosendals is farm fresh, and the atmosphere is quiet and peaceful.

Swedes are some of the happiest people and it’s no wonder why when you spend an afternoon as they do, at Rosendals.

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