Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Boston, Back Bay

 Although a resident of the great state of Massachusetts, I still consider a day trip to Boston part of my travels. Recently in the city I visited one of my favorite areas, the Back Bay. It's the charm of the neighborhood's old brick buildings and sidewalks that allow me to wander in complete bliss. It is always nice to return to a place where you have been before and can feel no pressure at all to see anything in particular. 

When something is familiar we tend to overlook the everyday, that is why as a traveler everything seems amazing. It's one of the things I love about traveling, being an outsider makes you notice everything, the big and the small. Sure people say you don't come to really understand a place till you live there, but as an outsider looking in you can certainly learn a lot.

Speaking of learning a lot, home and the city of Boston, these are all soon to be changes for me as I was accepted as a student at the New England School of Photography!!

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