Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cinque Terre

Au Natural

On this lovely northern Italian coastline, my traveling partner in crime and I during our five hour "must-see" hike along the Cinque Terre coastal path, stumbled upon an unusual sign. Painted on an old piece of driftwood it read "natural beach". Having never seen a beach indicated as such, naturally (no pun intended), we were intrigued. What followed was a dangerous descent and then...

There it was, in black and white, or in this case all shades of nude, the beach was full of natural beauty for sure, it’s visitors. Au natural, baring it all, celebrating in their birthday suits, skinny dipping, whatever term you choose, this was what constituted the beach be “natural”. With a tinge of shock stemming from our prudish American culture, we glanced back and up the treacherous incline we had fought with to get here and realized; there is no going back and threw caution to the wind, and accepted that when traveling leave no question unanswered because just one word can mean a world of difference.

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